Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Comfort Zone...

I spoke to my comfort zone today, and I've come away feeling (as always!), like she's THE most amazing person in the world. She is a bundle of goodwill, she is... I kid you not and I've never met anyone who's not TOTALLY adored her when they met her. That includes Serenity, who probably digs her about as much as I do.... nah, not possible, I dig her THE most! Actually, I have quite a few of these comfort zone people scattered around the world, and I'm incredibly lucky to be their friend and to call them mine. ... and right now, I miss them SO much.

At a time when I was feeling like the bottom of the ocean, a conversation with her has made me feel like there are a zillion things I could do to make myself feel better. (and no, NONE of those ways has ANYTHING to do with a bottle of wine!) 

This girl, has been my refuge in the city-that-never-sleeps, her home has been my home when I've needed a place to run to or a place to crash. She never ceases to amaze me with her optimism and her willingness to give EVERYONE (and I REALLY mean, EVERYONE) the benefit of the doubt. Someday, I hope to be even half the person she is, because I truly, TRULY think she rocks! I've never met another design professional who's half as socially conscious as this girl and she makes me very VERY proud to be her friend. 

Here's to a "Towel" (you wont get the pun on her name, so dont try!) who makes my world a brighter place just by being in it. Thankyou, you brightened my day. I miss you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Squill Babies!

For the longest time, I've wanted a pet. Not with any misplaced maternal instincts, but just because I've never had one. Oh there have been numerous adopted cats along the way, Possi-billi, Poosa (because he was a pussa cat, not a pussy cat!) and a litter called Billi Idol, Billi Holiday and Billi Jalani. 

My mum's been anti-pet (I dont blame her, a third floor apartment isnt really the best place to accommodate animals!) and so I spent my childhood feeding stray cats. One notable mention:

When I was in kindergarten (and just after a serious academic accomplishment), someone gave me a couple of Quality Street chocolates. Now these are those famous "Gulf" chocolates with different coloured cellophane wrappers for the different flavours. As a child, it was fascinating to hold these up to the light and see the world turn a different hue. (I think thats where I got my rose tinted vision from!!) So anyway, I was fooling around with these, and I thawt I thaw a puthy kat... HE was just sitting there and chilling. Was I to know that this was a particularly mean tempered tomcat? No way. I was just keen to have my animal friend experience the wonder of coloured vision. So I placed the cellophane over its eyes. Suffice to say, the cat didnt take too kindly to having the light taken out of his bright sunshiny world. (are cats colourblind?) And all I had to show for my troubles were a set of bleeding tracks which the cat (ungrateful b@#$&!d!) gave me for my pains. My mother was confronted by a howling child with bleeding furrows in her forearm. She didnt know whether to laugh or be concerned about the reason for my battle scars!! ....sighhhh.... 

Anyway, apart from the background information, I have Squill babies!! (thats squirrel, you unimaginative goof!) I dont know how many there are yet. Serenity has forbidden me from poking the nest though I'm DYING of curiosity. I've always wanted a squirrel for a pet (meaning for as long as they'll stay. I like them better jumping on the trees - yeah, I LOVE squirrels.) This liking came about since Squishy. (Cue for another tangential deviation down memory lane)......

One (daft) woman in hostel (many moons ago) found a baby squirrel that had dropped out of his nest. Obviously the little critter was oohed and aahed over by the inmates of the hostel. (Women, remember? love little furry cuddly things)...so anyway, this guy was soooo little that you held him in a fist with his head poking out of the top... and as he was passed around among coos, one (slightly deranged but good intentioned) woman said "oooh I could just SQUISH him!!"..... and the name stuck. Unfortunate nomenclature - as you will soon see.
The original owner and her roommate grew really attached to the little guy and he had his own lil shoebox residence that they toted with them to the studios, mess and canteen... (they have to be fed really often through the day).... they also slept with the shoebox between them on the double bed and the (hitherto) unathletic little guy one night got out of the box between two slumbering humans. 

The End. Fin. Finis. Khatam. Squishy got squished. 

Friday, March 6, 2009


Q: What is a classic example of procrastination? 
A: This post!.... Considering I began writing it on Friday evening and today is Wednesday morning... hmmmm... and so this would be what I wrote on Friday.....

OMG! Its been MONTHS since I spewed on this.... no be my fault,peebles, no be my fault. 
Imagine if you attended TEN weddings over the span of 2 months!! And that's 10 weddings spread over the whole of South India, I kid you not!Okay so since November, I've been to:
(Then the husband came back from espana...)
....and yes, ALL weddings !
blah blah blah.... like you would be interested in my social life! (who am I kidding?!!!)

Whatever you give a woman, she will give you back in greater measure. 
If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. 
If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. 
If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. 
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. 
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. (Don't get funny ideas) 
So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of the same.

Somebody sent that to me.... actually, my English teacher from school did. 

Okay enough randomness... the work scene is finally looking up, one is oh-so-happy about that!
There's enough work coming in to keep me busy, and leaves time for whatever else I might want to do... started a painting a few days ago, continued it today... F#$@ed it up BAD - also today....
baked (also today).... now off to meet people.... 

wooohooo! the weekend is here! 
Long Live the Weekend!!

Yeah, my least favourite day of the week:
1) Sunday Night
2) Monday Morning

Sunday Night because you suddenly hear the whooooosh! as the weekend flies past... and yes, you have accomplished little of what you could have or should have....if you're away someplace on a weekend trip, this is the time that you head back and the 
and Monday Morning because you can see the whole week just streeeetching ahead of you.. and Friday seems soooo far away! 

(not so far now that we're mid week!! yippeee! the weekend approaches!)
I actually live for weekends, its the only time Serenity and I get together during the week and better part of Saturday is reserved for errands we need to run, groceries we need to buy, (i cant believe how domesticated this wild child has become!) people we need to meet, the weekly visit to the family... and then whatever plans might happen along the way. I missed a play last weekend that I feel quite bad about... looked forward to watching the Madras Players (I've heard they're damn good) but that plan never materialized.... wonder what to do this weekend... aah yes, a visit to the insurance office would be a great idea (more examples of my procrastination!!)

And now, we shall continue this some other time! (Grin!)