Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amused to death!

I'm a crazy woman, Serenity will attest to that. Also my motley crew of friends. I do crazy things and I have crazy demands with crazy moods to match. For the last three years, I've eaten Serenity's brain with the demand that I wanted to go to an amusement park. Why? Just because I haven't done that in a while - since school, actually. Serenity HATES crowds. He hates going to a mall on weekends, hates loud pubs with even louder music. Yes, I know I'm married to a complete antipode of me, but I love him anyway! Now that we're in Tech City, our friend circle includes a lot of couples with kids, and one family we're closest to is one of Serenity's childhood friends. They are a feature of our weekends, with either us being at their place, or they at ours. They have a 3 year old lil fella and since the weekend past was a long weekend, coupled with the jubilation of India's victory at World Cup Cricket, everyone was mellow enough to agree to a trip to an amusement park... on a public holiday!! :) 

And so, we set off for an amusement park a little outside Tech City, bright and early in the morning. Serenity, Calamity, my gal pal Arlie and the family of 3 were up at the crack of dawn, dealing with me chanting "Picnic day, Picnic day!!" and doing a little picnic dance! We went to a place called Wonder La (?? seriously??? Wonder LA??) and I must say, I was EXTREMELY impressed. For a place that deals with such a HUGE volume of people every day, it was VERY clean (clean,dry toilets that smelt of lemongrass!) and their safety checks VERY thorough. That's actually very reassuring, because when you're tumbling 360 degrees at about 40 feet, you dont want harnesses that budge and move around!

Serenity does NOT like being surprised - not on his birthday, NOT EVER! I'm totally chicken when it comes to horror movies, but somehow, I still like the jumps and thrills and the being-scared-for-a-long-time-after! Not so, my Serenity. He will NEVER watch a scary movie and he doesn't like heights too much. I don't swim and I'm chicken and freak out over the strangest things, but yesterday, at that amusement park, Serenity saw me heading for the scariest rides with what looked like manic passion in my eyes!! I TOTALLY milked my entry fee!! The family put their lil fella on kiddie rides and us girls went on that water splash rollercoaster thingie, but I - I went crazy!! The first ride I made a beeline for was an insane shake-u-up and tighten-your-guts and hold-you-upside-down at 30 feet kind of ride! All of them looked at me with a you're-completely-mad-if-you-think-we'd-risk-our-lives-on-that sort of look.... and I gleefully stood in line... and went back to it TWICE more!! :D 

LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! And no, I did not shriek or squeal !! I just had this gleeful grin right through! But yes, I must confess, those drop rides? The ones that take you insanely high to just drop you repeatedly? Yeah, THOSE FREAK ME OUT! And yes, I yowled for my mamma! On a school trip to an amusement park, there was a rollercoaster with a 360 degree loop - I stood in line for that SEVEN times! Not quite what you'd normally expect from chicken me! What is it about thrill rides that do it for me? I LOVE that adrenalin, the speed.... its like flying (which also, I LOVE!) Its about doing something for the thrill, giving the finger to your fear... it feels like coming really close to dying, and before you know it, you're back on level ground.

Its so much like LIFE, being thrown in out of your depth, of harnessing your fear ....enjoying the ride, before you come to rest. The boys came along for 1 of those deadly rides, Arlie came along for 1.... but for the rest, I was on my own and believe me, for those 2 minute intervals when you're being hurled around and spun around... its REALLY LIVING!

At the end of the (very exhausting!) day, Serenity looked at me and said "Happy now? At least for another 3 years there will be no more talk of amusement parks?" Incredulously, I stared at him "Are you crazy? I could do this every week!!!"