Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its that time of the year!!

So smile, be nice and get set to begin the new year with a clean slate! (err... I think I'll finish my rant and then get down to the smiling and the being nice!)

Rant #1 : is against that jackass from across the border who thinks we're a nation of idiots to believe the tripe he's talking now.
I mean, seriously!! Everyday, I read the newspaper to know what latest bullshit he's been spewing at the courts and ohhh! it makes me sooooo mad! Refer this to know what I'm talking about. So yeah, the selfsame jackass (for the sake of being civilised I shall desist from all the expletives just itching to break forth!) is now saying 'hey! I dont have a CLUE about Kalashnikovs. Kalashnikovs? what? huh? I dont know how to use one, I never seen one EVER... nyah nyah nyah....I want to see my mother.... nyah nyah...whine whine whine.'

This individual is costing us tons of money to keep alive, tons of angst by keeping such a man alive after what he did and now, he turns around and denies the whole thing!! wah wah!

At first, I could not understand why we bothered with a fair trial, then Serenity (see? that's why I married him!!) made me see why we needed to do that. I turned over to that school of thought that said 'we're a better nation, we dont condemn without a trial' (inspite of eye witnesses etc etc). So then the man (I wouldnt call him that, actually) gets a trial. And now, he's making a joke out of the whole thing??? He should be glad that he's not been turned loose on the Bombay junta, they would make sure he's VERY sorry for what he did. Every single person in this country knows his face. I would probably (yes, I am a horrible person sometimes!) think that more than capital punishment, a far bigger price to pay would be to let him live, let him live HERE, in our country, make sure he NEVER gets away and let the people make his life a living hell. Let him live, but let him remember every minute of that life, the lives he took away.

Rant # 2: is against my newspaper supplement.
When I moved here, to the land-that-wakes-up-early, I hated the main newspaper. Never has a format bored me so much to death and the news been so BLAH! Worst of all, this newspaper did not have a crossword! Oh Calamity, what will you do without a crossword?!!

Then came the launch of India's most read daily and I jumped for joy and immediately took a subscription (their marketing strategy was quite something, I must say!) so that I'd have my OWN newspaper! So a (not-so) typical morning has Serenity with his own paper (yeah, he actually LIKES that daily!) and me with mine! (I said not-so-typical because though Serenity is a morning person, Calamity is an evening person! 7:30 am is the middle of the night, according to me!) Anyways, I read my paper from cover to cover (aah the joys of not having to rush to anywhere in the morning!) and then I do the crossword, read the supplement with all its tinseltown gup (for entertainment!). Aah, but I digress! My rant is against my supplement, which has been consistently putting one (not-so) attractive starlet on their cover far too often for my liking. The woman has had page 1 exposure atleast thrice in the last month and considering she's
a) really not that hot (today's picture shows her posterior - big!)
b) has really nothing either interesting or intelligent to say
makes me really wonder WHY WHY WHY is she even there! Its not the fact that she's there that bothers me, its the monotonous regularity with which she appears that makes me scream. (though I must admit, she's definitely getting her money's worth from her publicist!! That one's a keeper, girl - hold on tight!)
(/end rant)

So NOW smile, spread good cheer, don't forget why Christmas is there to celebrate amidst all your seasonal fun and games!
(btw, please to notice my colours of the season text! :D)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!