Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breathe.... breathe in the air.....

so a long holiday has almost drawn to a close.... and as usual, one has NO clue where these last few weeks have gone! Its just sped by in a flurry of activity, meeting friends, dealing with some red tape and in general enjoying the feeling of being pampered, sleeping late.... being a brat! Its crazy, but this city moves on a rhythm that's so uniquely its own.... everywhere else I have lived, the slowed down pace has only amazed me more about how much more we cram into one day in the city that never sleeps! Some days it seems like the day is over before its even begun! (ahem, maybe that has to do with the fact that on some days I get up at noon!!!)

But yeah, after so many weeks of frenetic activity, it'll be nice to go back.... its been strange not having the significant other around - this is the longest we've ever been away... My very hectic life these past few weeks led him to ask me "Do you miss me only when you're alone?" n the only way I could explain was to say "Maybe I do so many things at a time to keep from thinking how much I miss you"....n I did.... n I do.....

The significant other and I have had numerous ups and downs since we walked into each other's lives...and we have a thread on gmail, that goes back to the very first email he ever wrote me and traces the way our relationship wrote its story... mush, gush and angry flush - its got all the makings of a potboiler!! Last night, I was re-reading some of the old communication, and it struck me that taken chronologically, our communication would make good reading! If it were possible to never EVER reveal identities, I'm sure my devilish mind would do it too... :) but my boy, he's a shy one... :) complete antipode of the dangerous mind.... his mind is as serene as it gets.... no idiot schemes brew in this one. And for his sake, and because I love him, you'll just have to do without! :D

Here's to a quiet thoughtful boy with a big rucksack and a big nose... :) your wife loves you.

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