Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sashimi - Sushi Me!

Don't you have days when you go thinking of food? Not food in general, but in super specific : I wish I could eat ________ from ______ (fill in appropriate food from relevant food joint). Well, I'd been feeling like eating sushi all weekend. Lots of sushi. :) The weekend came and went and sushi didn't happen. Sigh.

Now, sushi has not been a favourite food always, do not mistake me.Like every mallu, mad or otherwise, I love my seafood. But yet another quirk that Serenity and I share is that we hate fishy fish. Yes, I know fish is supposed to taste like fish and not chocolate, but its the fishy fish that we don't like, the fish that smells fishy. And raw fish? eeeugh. Calamity has always been wary of sushi because of the ickiness of eating raw fish... (yeah, getting over that was a jump) until, she went to a Japanese food joint here with a sushi enthusiast ! Before I ramble again, small foot note : I LOVE wasabi, I love pungent mustard that explodes in my sinuses! And Wasabi is what made me put my first mouthful of (raw fish!!) sushi in my mouth, with a warning beforehand that I would spit it out if i didnt like it....

I bit...I mouth exploded with flavour and I was hooked!
Fishy? Not AT ALL ! Tasty? Most Definitely! And that, is how I swallowed my pride, along with the sushi(raw fish!).

So now that I've gone and rambled all over the countryside about how wonderful that was, I'll tell the rest of the story really short.
- I, Calamity craved sushi
- Calamity didnt get to eat sushi over the weekend.
- Calamity went on an insanely long shoot on Monday (6 hours - for the recording of a 20 minute shoot!) and called Serenity and told him how sad she was and how badly she neeeded sushi by this point.
- Calamity and Serenity got to the restaurant before it closed orders! YAY!!(Yeah, last order is at 9:30)
- Calamity and Serenity had a platter each of sushi.
- Calamity smiled all the way home and then smiled some more. So much happiness happened that she woke up smiling the next day!

And that, is how much satisfaction there is to be had in fulfilling a food craving!!

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