Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This makes my blood boil....

Yes, this is quite late and all that. But I just happened to see this on someone else's blog today. It is footage I hadnt seen yet and yes, it still makes my blood boil.

I spent the night of this carnage looking for minute by minute updates online,
looking for causes, but seeing only effects.
One man's holy war that orphans children and kills with no purpose.
No religion teaches hate this way, and any one who would say
"I'll call you back in an hour so I can hear you kill them"
deserves a very, very painful death.
As for the lone survivor, I dont know what he thinks he's playing at.
His crocodile tears and lame stories of being brainwashed just dont do anything for me.
I'm one who firmly believes that India's muslims are Indian first and last.
(Though I did have an interesting conversation on religious extremism with a cabbie
this time when I was in Bombay)
More than any other emotion, I felt only pride when I read the article that said that the
remaining terrorists' bodies were unclaimed because no Indian muslim kabristan wants them
buried on our soil.

I loved that other clip which showed an Indian Mullah telling Musharaf to back the hell off,
and to stop assuming that Indian muslims sympathised with his cause in any way.
This 26/11 carnage scared me beyond belief thinking of a friend's mother who runs a store
at the Taj, of a friend who had by then quit her job at the Oberoi.
Selfishly, I couldnt help feeling glad that the people I knew were okay.
But not everyone got that lucky.

Watch this clip.
It will open your eyes to levels of inhuman behaviour you never thought existed.

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