Monday, January 31, 2011

The Terrible Refrigerator.

I dont know why, but I hate the refrigerator... I always have. I hate food odors and I do everything to see that my fridge doesnt have ANY - like obsessively closing EVERYTHING that is unfortunate enough to go in there! 

I would have made an awful forager, maybe I'd be a better hunter- gatherer. My older sister, on the other hand, is a forager! There is NO hiding ANY food from her! My mum would find the unlikely-est places to hide stuff that was meant to be eaten in moderation (read chocolates, dry fruits etc), but SHE WOULD LOOK FOR THEM... and (wonder of wonders!) SHE'D FIND THEM! And proceed to eat whatever it was! (And in case you were thinking this was her as a kid, no! She's a whole 8 years older than me!)

Me, on the other hand, would NOT dig in the fridge, for love or money!! My mum actually invested in a rice-cooker that would keep my food warm so that I would eat lunch! Anything that needed to be re-heated, would be written in big fat letters in a note that would not miss my eye. The note would read something like "Fried fish in blue dabba on top shelf of fridge. Heat and Eat! Love, amma". This continued through school and college. Now I have my own fridge, and I HATE having leftovers and Serenity despairs that I dont know whats in the fridge most of the time. (Yes, I am guilty of letting mint leaves dry to the point that they'll powder if you look at them!!) 

But this story is about a box. Specifically... THIS box.

Now you'd look at it and say it contained almonds, right? THAT'S WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BOX! This box, was a 'return gift' at one of Serenity's friends (very lavish) wedding. So we brought it home and since we had loads of nuts and stuff already, we never opened the box. One day, we noticed a few ants around the box and so, promptly stuck it in the fridge so the ants cant get to it. (All of this while the box is in its original cellophane sealed packaging!!) so the box stayed in the fridge, our never-ending supply of nuts never ran out, so we never bothered with it.... Shifting happened, and while clearing out the fridge, I religiously took the box out, and packed it with the other non-perishables and brought it to Tech-City. By this time, the box has lived in our fridge for over 2 years and the friend whose wedding resulted in the box coming into our possession has had a baby! 

Yesterday (and this is almost 3 years since the box came to live with us!) I needed almonds. So I opened the box! And THIS is what it contained!! I was MORTIFIED! 

SWEETS!! Good, yummy sweets that now had the consistency of PETRIFIED ROCK! If any of you are dying to know what 3 year old barfi tastes like... sorry I cant help you, I was too scared to try them!

WHY ON EARTH would anybody invest in such misguiding packaging??? When I opened the box and stood gaping at the contents, Serenity was too busy laughing his head off and saying "She's had her baby already! And those sweets have been with us for THAT long!!"

"Almonds for you" indeed... 
Disclaimer: My fridge is not all full of forgotten food, it has lots of yummy stuff in it too... :)

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Deepa said...

Ha ha ha!!!

This sounds like something that would happen to me!

I can sooooooooooo imagine T laughing!