Monday, February 7, 2011

Bitten by the travel bug...


Destination - not specific, just the 'getting up and going' is good enough for me.
Travel Companion of choice - Serenity
Ideal holiday - hmmm... anyplace that's not freezing, I guess.
I'm planning to give Serenity a holiday this year. Post 6 pm, in between work, its ALL I do these days! Research, research and more research. 
So this here, is my Bucket List - my list of places and things to do before I kick it....
1. The Northern Lights
2. Amsterdam (!!!)
3. Machu Pichu
4. Turkey
5. Greece
6. Spain
7. Italy
8. Morocco
9. Snorkelling (CHECK!!)
10. Cambodia (CHECK!!)
11. Bali
12. Fiji
13. Kenya
14. Laos
15. Vietnam
16. Thailand (this may happen soon!!)
17. Austria 
18. Belgium
19. France (surprise! this comes wayyyy at the bottom!)
20. Basically the rest of the world !!!
21. Take a cruise
22. Actually GO to a freezing place (just to see how long I last before I turn into an icicle!)

So if anyone out there has any suggestions on what corner of the earth I should drag my long-suffering husband off too, please feel free to suggest! 

Constraints - should NOT be wildly expensive!!
Reward - I promise I'll get you a little something from there if I do take your suggestion!!


Deepa said...

Nice! I love travelling, and although I LOVE just being around my husband, all he would like to do on a holiday is laze all day in the hotel and eat till his bowels burst. I, on the otherhand love walking around, sightseeing, shopping and just taking in everything about the place.

My dream destination is the PE islands in Canada. If I weren't born an Indian, I know I'd have been born there and that my name would have been Louisa Mary Montgomery!!! LOL

CuppajavaMattiz said...

I had a wish list too when I was 16, and Machu Pichu was on my list too!
So we share something common there. Maybe twas something about that remote place at that great height, the forbidden mysteries and best of all the once highest rail track!