Thursday, July 14, 2011

And Yet Again...

So I was having a really busy day yesterday - lots of damage control needed at one of my sites in Delhi and I was on the phone almost all evening. When I called my client to update her about some changes being made, she suddenly says,"I'll talk to you later, I have to go - there's been 3 blasts in Bombay!".... 3 blasts... again? 

Now Serenity and Calamity dont have a TV... we didnt want a TV in our initial year of marriage... and then we just got so used to seeing movies on the computer or at a theatre that it stopped mattering... (psst... I'll let you in on a secret... I'm going to get me one when I hit my target weight!! :D All to prevent me from turning into a couch potato - an eventuality that is a definite possibility given what a TV Junkie I am!)

And so, for the SECOND time, I got to know what was happening in my city over the phone. With 26/11, I had friends call me and ask me if everyone I knew was okay.... I was like,"Huh? why wouldnt they be?"... upon which I was told about what had happened.... "Arent you watching the news???" (Would have been waayy too lengthy to explain the no-TV thing at that juncture, so I just left it and went to check live feeds online.)

Strange coincidence, yesterday was the birthday of that ASSHOLE we're keeping alive and feeding biryani to.... Arlie, now, is the Queen of Conspiracy Theories... Her personal investigations and follow-ups on the Aarushi Talwar case would put the CBI to shame! And I, in full steam, had a flame-war with an idiot on an online forum because he kept saying "Yeah, India's never going to learn." My only question is howw?? What CAN we do to prevent this from happening over and over again? We've been Gandhian for far too long and turned the other cheek / picked ourselves up and dusted off the carnage from our systems. What HAS been done after 26/11? 

India is my home, and I dont feel safe in it any more. We elect new governments with the hope that each one will be better than the last, but to what effect? Suresh Kalmadi has raked in an INCREDIBLE fortune, while making India look like a fool in the international arena and he's sitting pretty behind bars, socialising with other birds of his feather. We've found Kasab guilty - no question about that... and yet we keep him alive to eat biryani?? Its ridiculous and a mockery of a judicial system that would allow a creature like him to live after he's butchered so many innocents. "Security has been beefed up" - SUCH a trite phrase. Sure, you think its been beefed up, but if a recurrence like this is how you "beef up" security, you need to check your definitions, pal. 

A friend of mine said that she was looking at little boys leaving a madrasa and thinking "Potential jihadis".... which is SO sad, dont you think? Like I've always said, I believe that India's Muslims are Indians first. I dont want to tar everyone with the same brush because of a few... but when home-grown terror units are on the rise, I dont blame my friend for voicing what a LOT of other people may be thinking. What if a whole nation began thinking like that? What would that do to the cultural diversity of this country? This is as much their home as it is ours. Look what the 1947 partition did to us...

More than anger, I'm just really sad. I really dont have any answers and I honestly dont think the Government has either... Which is a pretty hopeless situation to be in, wouldnt you say? 

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