Monday, July 25, 2011

(Nothing) Lost In Translation!

While in Phuket, on one of our shopping expeditions, I was looking at a stall that sold t-shirts. In most of these countries, where English is not the first language, bargaining happens in pidgin English with the help of a calculator... You ask the vendor the cost of something, he types it into the calculator... you shake your head and mime that you don't have that much money... he hands you the calculator and you punch in your figure.... and so on.

So my travel companion was looking at some stuff in another shop, while I looked at the t-shirts looking for something to get Serenity....and I told the shopkeeper I was looking for something as a gift for a boy... He pointed this one out to me... and WINKED!! 

To which I laughed and shook my head.... 
and then he points to THIS one!!

To which, again, I shook my head to say no, then made an angry face and a "cut-throat" gesture and pointed to my ring finger to say "I'm married to him!" To which the guy made a sad face, shook his head sorrowfully and pointed out THIS one!!

And then we both laughed our heads off !! 
Not one word spoken, but SO MUCH said !!


pratheek said...

ha ha ha haa.. :) :) :) good one, loved the post and tees :D

Deepa said...

So, did you buy it for him??

the dangerous mind said...

LOL.... nope! :D bought a couple of other "nice" tees.... no 'bad boy' tees for my 'good boy'!!

fulcrum said...

you shouldve got one of those only :D