Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mediterranean Madness Continues...

And so, as promised, here are the pictures!
Sadly, these are the 'ones that worked' - the one which got away, is the image of my kitchen counter with a coffee mug that I used to mix the yeast in and left unattended.... Only to come back and see that what had previously 'not risen', had now risen, left the mug and overflowed onto the counter!! But I'm not going to show you those pictures, am I now?!!

The Pita bread came out PERFECTLY!! :) 
ooooh! I am SO kicked!! (and very smugly proud of myself! - my pitas were "almost" circular! For me, that's saying a lot since I don't EVER make rotis!!)

The dough when it began to rise! :) yayyy!!

The perfect Pitas! (with my recipe book in the background!!)
The Chicken and the Chick pea! :)

The Spread! - Hummus, Pita Bread, Mediterranean Chicken and Zalouk! 
Om Nom Nom Nom!! Pure Happiness!


SanD-MaN said...

Nice Photo's ya!

Deepa said...

Am coming for some!

pratheek said...

Looks reallly yum!! :) :)