Friday, January 6, 2012

Regrets of the year gone by....

1. I STILL haven't made my website. Bad, bad, BAD girl ! (how am I EVER going to widen that freelance web??)
2. I didn't stay in touch enough.....
3. I STILL haven't hit my target weight.
4. I made it to Thailand, sans Serenity, but not the other places I had planned to visit with him.
5. I didn't save as much as I should have.
6. Though I have mellowed (quite a bit, according to me..... not enough, according to Serenity), I'm still not zen enough to not yell and scream and get homicidal when we fight.
7. I STILL hate my killjoy partypooper bitch of a neighbour.
8. I don't get enough exercise. 
9. I shopped wayyyyyy too much..... also refer point #5.
10. I've stopped checking my glucometer, I don't think I'm making much progress with keeping my blood sugar levels down.....also,
11. I haven't gone back to my diabetologist in a year almost.

.....and as far as resolutions go, well.... its the 6th of Jan and its not like I kept mine even on the 1st, so the less said about that, the better!


Non stick, Nutty and Sous chef said...

Well, look at the upside, you did get to travel. also, is'nt it a nice thing to not see your doc often? ask me, i see him once in three months! :/ just trying to inject a bit of levity, not to be mistaken for doofusness! :P on another note, happy new year both of you! may the forces conspire and help you check those damned boxes! :)

fulcrum said...

One more regret you should add to that list : you forgot to feed a perennially hungry pilot. :D