Monday, February 6, 2012


So what do people who've been married 4 years talk about? If you've been a reader of this blog  piece of verbal diarrhea, you won't have ANY trouble figuring out who's saying what!

1. "So if there's a zombie apocalypse and you've turned into a zombie, will you spare me or bite me too so we can be zombies together?"
(the answer for this became very convoluted - on how zombies are not human and he wouldn't want to make me one etc etc)
2. "Why do you love me?"
    "Because you're special..."
    "Special as in retarded???"
3. "What's the one job you'd NEVER EVER do?"
    "Manual drain cleaner.... and you?"
    "Oh! a butcher! Definitely never a butcher. I like being non-vegetarian."
4. "One super power you'd like to have?"
    Me: Flight!!!
5. "If we were friends, or had friends in common, do you think we'd have still ended up together?"
    "Why not?"
6. "There's a 70% off sale at my favourite shoe store...."
    "Are you competing with Imelda Marcos???" *looking exasperatedly at the 2 overflowing shoe racks.*
7. "If I died tomorrow, how soon will it be before you remarry?"
    "Never, I'd miss you too much."
    "Awww.... but you know I'd want you to be happy etc etc"
    "Okay, maybe a couple of years."
    "That's IT?? You'd get over my dying in a COUPLE of years??" *sulk sulk*


Deepa said...

Ha ha!!!
Sounds a lot like us. Except that for the lat question, Ashwin would answer "Never. I'll just move in with Salam Hayaq"

Primitive Lyric said...

heheh!!:)) Hilarious!