Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Calamity and Honesty......

Thankyou Primitive Lyric for my first EVER online badge. I'm rather kicked about it.
So then I get this comment saying I've been tagged, and having no earthly clue what that meant, I tracked back to her blog to see what "being tagged" entailed. And therefore, here are 10 things about me, honestly.....
  1. If I like you and consider you my friend, I will trust you implicitly... and nothing saddens me more than when that trust is broken. The journey from friend to non-entity happens in one step.
  2. I cannot tolerate stupidity, it irritates me.
  3. I am easily irritated.
  4. I expect too much out of poor Serenity... intuition, understanding etc etc. (much more than one can logically expect from a man !!)
  5. I love and hate horror movies in equal measure.
  6. I cannot draw to save my life ! (yes, and THAT is why I use a computer to render 3d spaces! My perspective drawing is Escher-esque in a most disturbing way!)
  7. Being language impaired PISSES ME OFF.
  8. I have a dirty mind. If there are two meanings to something, I will invariably get the dirty one first. :D heheheeh.
  9. I grin and giggle when my flight takes off and lands.... I love flying !
  10. I can eat chocolate all day.... Give me chocolate and water and I'll be a happy person. (high on sugar and obscenely obese, but happy!!)
And I tag:

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Primitive Lyric said...

I love and hate horror movies too!:)) And I'm a happily chocoholic (and fat) as well!!:))
Yaaay to us!