Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Up or Down ?!!

There's a lot of fuss in the world about the Up Or Down Dilemma.... Up or Down - what? Dow Jones? Price of basic commodities? Nike Deodorant? Stock Index????

I refer to the toilet seat, amigos!
Much has been said about women who get cheesed about the toilet seat up when they want it down and men who say it needs to be up, because its easier (and cleaner! thank god!!). This is not a situation with any grey areas... there is NO middle ground. Its always one way or the other! More has been said about when people get married and have to share their "space" with another diametrically opposite individual and how the Up / Down Dilemma comes into play.

I've never really known it to be a problem and I cannot understand why such a big deal is made of it.
Woman: If its up, put it down.
Man: If its down, put it up.
End of problem. :)

I just found this comic strip on this awesomely sarky comic site - yes, sarcastic little me giggled lots and is now waiting for her equally (if not more!) sarcastic S.O (significant other!) to come home so she can show this to him!

That was my very lame explanation for this rather lame post - or to put it more precisely "Why I wasted 10 minutes of work time to think about toilet seats"! Thank you for listening!
(picture credit - awesome site called )

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