Thursday, April 15, 2010

Early to bed....

There was once a girl, a girl who slept as little as the city she lived in... who called up gangs of friends to go and get their ear-drums banged out at noisy places that played 80s-90s rock... who then woke up and went to work the next day and lived her days like this.

Then she got married (whoa! surprise!) and the gangs of friends refused to believe she was going to settle down to domestic bliss. Well... she did! And she moved to a city that wakes up early - an unknown concept to one who had not seen a sunrise in a long time! Yes, you know her as Calamity!! In the initial days, Calamity was dismayed to know that a) the concept of nightlife as she knew it was redundant now and that b) Serenity was NOT inclined to bust his eardrums!

So then, one night (right in the beginning!), as hard-working Serenity prepared to go to bed (early to bed, early to rise etc etc) (yes, he goes to work in the morning!), his resident brat, Calamity, refused to let him sleep! (**starts whining**) "But its Friday night.... dont sleep! .... What can we do? Let's go somewhere... Let's...." .... After 5 minutes of this, Serenity snaps "There's nothing to do, alright? Just go to sleep!!!" (Calamity stops whining and starts sulking)

And now, I get the feeling age is catching up! Calamity still loves to party, but starts yawning at 2 am.... she can still work late, but the lure of the bed often makes her set (unrealistic) alarms for unearthly hours of the morning, so she can meet her deadlines... Serenity is still the one who actually WAKES up when the alarms go off... and prod Calamity to either "turn the damn thing off, or wake up"..... to which Calamity promptly obeys, only to wake up about 3 hours after the (unrealistic) alarm time, jump out of bed a la Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral, spewing expletives at the late hour!! sighhhhhh...... I hate clocks.

And yes, this post was prompted by the eerily real cartoon I found today. Good morning! (Irony - this mail was posted a half hour before noon!!)


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...Nice aptly you.

Macabreday said... schedule has so changed... previously... it was wake up at 12:00noon... go to bed at 3:00am or 4:00am...!!

now... bed latest by 12:00am and up before 9:00am


The Scatterbrain said...

ha ha!!!

at least sleep features in some forn on your routine!