Monday, April 26, 2010

Do the rich ever sweat?

Disclaimer: The following post IS a rant and may reflect badly on the poster, but frankly, ma deah, I DONT GIVE A DAMN. At the risk of coming across as a brat who needs air conditioning to survive, I'm still going to say my piece. (Air conditioning in a city thats already hit 38 degrees with almost 90% humidity is NOT a luxury - its a necessity!)

We've just endured a very VERY hot night with no power and no sleep and come this morning, there's still no power. Calamity is PISSED. Calamity has deadlines and ZERO tolerance for the ridiculously high temperatures in this city and the inverter has died too. 
Calamity woke up scowling and sticky and VERY cranky.

No, its not Serenity's fault and no, I should not be pissed with him... but hey!someone's got to absorb the repercussions of the electricity board's inefficiency! Regarding the title of this post, I have to ask, EVERY TIME we have a ridiculous 12 hour power cut... Do the rich in this city sweat? More specifically, does the fat man in shades and a yellow shawl ever have a power cut in his home? I'm thinking no, considering he wears a SHAWL all the time... obviously indicates that HIS ac is working JUST FINE!!

So, consider this... a majority of the poor (non tax paying) populace sleeps outdoors, on pavements etc. so a hot stuffy house is not a problem there.... then there's another majority - the fat man's family... all of whom are oh-so-important peeble anyway. (I'm not even going to start on nepotism - will take up too much of my energy!)... so they're not facing any power shortages either, are they now? Which leaves who? ME! Middle class and not so far gone that I have to sleep outdoors, and not in that elitist bracket that power cuts dont affect... ME.. the one who has to STEW in the heat, walk around looking like a retarded flamenco dancer (yes, you heard me right - I spent most of last night with a black flamenco dancer's fan, trying to circulate the tepid, still air around me....) and take showers at 3 am, all the while, cursing cursing cursing!! Thankfully, the Electricity Board man I spoke to today, spoke English, so I didnt come off sounding like a deranged heat affected dodo... but I think I sounded pathetic enough for the man to rush to reassure me.

Metropolis status is not coming to you anytime soon, oh city-that-wakes-up-early. 
Not until you have your infrastructure sorted out - which I'm thinking is not happening anytime soon either. So go on, build your useless ugly domed monument to your own bad taste, spend truckloads of money on making sure your name goes down in the annals of history, but dont, oh no! never EVER bother to make sure that taxpayer's money goes to benefit the ones who pay those taxes in the first place. 

The next time this happens, I swear, I'm just going to pick up my laptop and invite myself to the (obviously) airconditioned environs of his home. So screw you, fat B@$T@}D!!

(deeeeep breath. Aaah! that sure felt good! Nothing like some hysterical ranting to clear your head!)


The Scatterbrain said...

Does Mr.Yellow shawl's house ever get a power cut?? NO! Remember our old house? There was some MP who lived on the next street. So we hardly had power cuts. And even when it did go off, came right back on after 5 minutes!!

oh no...I was trying to be synpathetic and ended up rubbing salt on your poor uvaavu I think!!

Macabreday said...

so ur moving to blore, a place which has constant power cuts tro the day and is as hot as chennai in summer.... good luck with that :) and the saving grace is, it still tends to be kinda pleasent in winter, and u dont sweat as much :)

Primitive Lyric said...

I enjoyed that rant.
The fat man in the yellow shawl deifnitely needs a taste of u. Things will get better in Chennai then;)

P.S: On a totally unrelated note..pigs don't sweat:D